Crescent Park Baptist Church
Saturday, May 25, 2019
Fellowship of Hope

Preschool Ministry

Preschoolers come first at Crescent Park!  When preschoolers come to church, they always bring family and friends with them, and families are our priority!  We love preschoolers and desire to see each one reach his or her potential, to one day accept Christ as Savior and Lord, to live a Christlike life, and to serve obediently our Lord.

Our Preschool Ministry supports the family.  The Bible challenges fathers and mothers to teach their young children the things of God, to nurture them spiritually, to "bring them up in training and instruction of the Lord" Ephesians 6:4.  It is our privilege to serve with you in the spiritual training of your child.  We welcome you to Crescent Park Baptist Church.

Preschool Ministry Purpose:

         Jesus said in Matthew 19:14. "Let the children come to Me."
Crescent Park's Preschool Ministry exists to show Jesus to your child through loving them,
nurturing themand teaching them about God's love. 

Just as any building needs a foundation, we believe that loving and teaching your child even from an infant, can build the foundation needed for him/her to accept Jesus as Savior later in life.  Everything we do centers around God's word.